Hula Hoop Learning DVD's

Hula Hoop Learning DVD's

Welcome to the Hula Hoop learning DVD section of our website. Here you will find video resources to help you learn to hula hoop.

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Hoopnotica DVD Box Set

Buy the entire Hoopnotica DVD set at once and SAVE!

Hoopnotica Instruction - Beginning Level 1

When was the last time you laughed on a treadmill? Turn up the fun on your workout with one of the hottest new ways to burn fat, build muscle...

Hoopnotica Instruction - Beginning Level 2

Ready to step up the difficulty of your hooping moves?

Hoopnotica Instruction - Intermediate Level 3

You know how addicting HoopDance is, and you've already mastered the beginner moves.

Hoopnotica Instruction - Intermediate Level 4

This DVD is an inspirational tool for Hoopers who are practicing at an intermediate level,

Hoopnotica Minis DVD Level 1

Hi Hoopers! - The MINI DVD is Officially here!

Kids Hula Hooping DVD, Childrens Hula Hoop Exercise with Molly and the Hoola Monsters Fun Fitness

Join Molly on an amazing adventure to Hoolaville
€15.79 €12.63