About Us



We are a Colorado based team focused on designing and producing LED Installations, LED Toys, Hula Hoops, and Practice hoops that are light weight, bright, and most importantly durable.  We plan to provide our customers with everything that a hooper could ever want and then some. 


We have a several different retail locations that carry our products and we also have our own retail store located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.   See details here.

We also have locations that carry our items in Colorado Springs, Denver, and South Fork, Colorado.  Give us a shout to find locations.


We are currently producing hoops from HDPE and PolyPro.  In our humble opinions the HDPE Medium material is the most durable and practical material to build a hoop from but we know that many hoopers both enjoy and prefer the heavier HDPE and the ultra light PolyPro.  Warning:  Polypro is more brittle and can crack under cold conditions.