LED SMART HULA HOOP - 20 Color Modes Controllable via Remote Control

The SMART HOOP 1.0 by Colorado Hula Hoops features 20 different solid-color modes controllable via remote control. See the hoop in action in the video below!

This hoop features super-bright LEDs placed every 0.65 inches, so every 12 inches has 19 LEDs. The hoop will run off of 2 lithium rechargeable batteries for 90+ minutes of run time.

The Smart Hoop 2.0 comes with a RF 10-button remote control which allows you to scroll between 19 different color modes, and adjust the brightness and speed of each mode. 

All of our hoops open and close with a durable push-button feature which allows you to turn the hoop on and off without opening up the hoop. One end of the tubing will fit snugly inside the other end, so there are no bulky outer connectors. All hoops are collapsible for easy travel, and hoops 36" and larger will be able to fully double-coil.

There will be a 5-inch gap in the LEDs at the connection point.

Hoops weighs from 12 oz. to 28 oz with the batteries depending on the size and material of the hoop. A 38" HDPE Smart Hoop will weigh in at about 15 ounces with the batteries and have an overwhelming 180+ LED's!


We are a Colorado-based team focused on designing and producing LED hoops that are light weight, bright, and most importantly durable. Please be advised that we make all of our LED hoops TO ORDER, as we simply cannot keep a stock of the hundreds of combinations of sizes, material, and light patterns we offer! Your hoop will be made by our hoopsmith in 1-2 weeks, based on the influx of orders we are experiencing at the time. Your patience is appreciated!! We are also offering a 6 month warranty on all of our hoops. Should anything happen to your hoop during normal use, your hoop will either be replaced or repaired. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. We love to build custom hoops!  



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